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Finding the ideal home for retirement decades #220

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Finding the ideal home for retirement decades #220

4th April 2022

Paddy Delaney


One of the big questions that people we work with ask is; ‘where will we live and enjoy our retirement decades?’.

There is no set of accurate answers to that question – finding the right solution for you requires exploration, discussion and tangible planning.

We are joined this week on the podcast by Mary Conway of Janus Estates, who does this for a living.

As Ireland’s first Certified Senior Move Manager, Mary shares with us some of the biggest considerations people need to make when they look at their options.

I hope it helps,


The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning – YouTube

Downsizing: Confronting Our Possessions in Later Life: Ekerdt, Professor David: 9780231189811: Books

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