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ESG Investing in Ireland – Theory Vs Practice #203

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ESG Investing in Ireland – Theory Vs Practice #203

8th November 2021

Paddy Delaney


As with most things in Financial Services in Ireland, (Environmental, Social & Governance) ESG Investing in Ireland is one that takes a bit of figuring-out, if you want to do it right that is! In the hope that it will help you build and protect your own wealth, I share the following in this short piece:


  • The theory of ESG investing in Ireland, and why it is to be applauded
  • The practical application of ESG investing for Irish Investors, and why it is less than straight-forward
  • Some revealing research that shows most ESG investing is not actually ESG at all!
  • What we will do to get to the bottom of it


Unlike most advice firms, Informed Decisions doesn’t claim to know everything about everything (beware any advisor that does!). We know our areas of specialism and continue to sharpen that expertise, while also continuing to learn about the other non-core areas. ESG investing in Ireland is an example of an area of investing in Ireland that I am not an expert in. Having said that, as someone who has a professional obligation to clients to help them stay informed, and a personal obligation as a reasonably environmentally conscious person, I’m on a journey of discovery so to speak. I’d be delighted if you joined me!

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