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Escaping Full Time Employment With William Lacey. Part 4 #233

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Escaping Full Time Employment With William Lacey. Part 4 #233

26th July 2022

Paddy Delaney


Welcome back to the latest Informed Decisions podcast: Transitioning from full time employment. This week we have William Lacey back to talk about his journey towards retirement.

William Lacey Part 4: Changing From Full Time Employment

Thank you for joining us for what is our fourth conversation with William Lacey who is in the midst of transitioning out of full time employment out to a life of freedom and choice. 

In this particular episode, it was really interesting to hear William’s progress, transitions, and work on the various aspects both financial and nonfinancial.

We continue to talk about his progress, his thoughts, and his reflections on what he has learned since he began this journey with us in February 2022.

And what he’s going to continue working on next to aid his smooth, successful transition from working full time to the life of freedom and choice we mentioned

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