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Episode127: What If My Pension Fund Doesn’t Perform?

4th March 2019

Paddy Delaney

Hope all is well?! Last week we shared some ideas on the best way to accumulate €1m, and whether a deposit regular savings account or a pension route might be the most effective way of doing it. We analysed these two routes and factored in deposit rates, pension fund returns, fees and charges and various tax rates that apply to both and how they will impact on the end result. As always, it pays to begin with the end in mind! This week I hope to share ideas on how to select a suitable investment fund, how to avoid common mistakes, and how to deal with the consequences of funds not performing as you may have hoped.

If you have read or listened to last weeks’ episode you will recall that based on realistic assumptions that the pension route would stand to be in the region of €400,000 more effective than a deposit account! A large portion of this net euro benefit was as a result of the tax reliefs (currently) available to ‘Sam’ on the contributions made to a pension. The remainder of the net euro benefit came from the average annual return that the pension delivered to ‘Sam’. I received a lot of emails from individuals on that last episode, some expressing surprise and some seeking further information. One of the questions that was put to me was, ‘Well what if the fund I am in does not deliver the 6% return, or indeed if it is negative returns for a long period of time’. In my experience at least this is a very real concern that many have, and feel quite uncertain about it, so lets explore.

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Paddy Delaney QFA RPA APA

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