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Davy Funds (GPS) – An Independent Review – Podcast 170

9th March 2020

Paddy Delaney

This week, following a recent conversation (there I go with ‘conversations’ again!), we share a detailed analysis of the Davy Funds, the GPS Funds specifically. You may be thinking of investing, or are already invested, via pensions or investments.

Either way, we share insights on what are they, what’s in them, how they compare to their competitors, and how they have served investors that have entrusted their funds in them. Davy Funds are one of Ireland’s premier providers – we share an independent analysis as to how their Davy Funds GPS range have performed.

I hope it helps.

Paddy Delaney

Warning….The value of your investments will rise and fall. You could get back less than you invest in any investment. But you knew all that! All info correct at time of analysis early March 2020.

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