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Client Success

The foundation of our relationships is mutual trust and respect. Below, some of the Business Owners, who trust us to help them, share their stories. Your success is our success. Many are open for us to arrange you speak with them, if you are seriously considering Informed Decisions as your Financial Planning partner of choice.

Client Success
John Sherry

John Sherry

John Sherry, from has worked with us from day 1. He runs a successful business supplying luxury garden rooms to clients for over 15 years. John had various plans and policies but prior to our working together, by his own admission, he had no clarity on what they all meant to him and his family, and his future lifestyle. There were also some opportunities that we were able to identify, which will result in a significant financial result for John and his family.

In John’s words:

If you are lucky enough to have built up some cash reserves over the last number of years, I would highly recommend that you sit down and have a chat with Paddy Delaney. Paddy showed me how to take the profits I’ve earned from my business and to convert them into personal money, in a meaningful and cost-effective way. With this new plan and clarity I hope to be financially independent by my mid-to-late 50’s. I’ve joked with Paddy about this but I’m starting to visualise getting my first Porsche when our plans come to fruition!

Garden Rooms Success Story

"Some of Paddy’s winning attributes are his honestly and that he is an incredibly helpful person. He understands the value of money and he believes you should have as much of it as you possibly can when you decided to take a step back from your business

I would highly recommend Paddy Delaney and I believe he deserves to do well with his business. I also think you will be safe hands with Paddy on your team”

John Sherry

Fin Goulding
Founder, CIO &CTO – Flow Academy

Fin Goulding

Fin Goulding has been with Informed Decisions from the very beginning. Fin has become an expert in Business and Technical agility having worked as a CIO and/or CTO in several major organisations such as Aviva, Paddy Power and HSBC. He has consistently been named as one of the top global CIO’s year-on-year and is recognised as one of the most experienced enterprise agile leaders in the world today. As well as co-authoring two of the best-selling books on business agility, e now runs his own business; Flow Academy

When Fin first got in contact with us he sought someone that was not a traditional financial advisor. He sought someone who worked on a fee-basis and that would take the time to understand his needs and would work in partnership with him over the long term. Our catch-ups are always forward looking, identifying aspects that are relevant to him personally and professionally.

In Fin's words:

I consider myself to be quite savvy when it comes to investing and wealth management but I'm time poor, distrustful of the usual financial advice channels and, as an individual, I had no access to the types of diversified investments products or platforms that I wanted to use.

I then listened to the Informed Decisions Podcasts (a hallelujah moment) and reached out to Paddy for a chat. Not only did he provide me with sound advice but he also helped me get my plethora of old investments into great shape and that gave me the confidence to leave my Corporate Executive role in order to start up my own business as an entrepreneur!

Paddy is an honest, trustworthy and fun person to work with but most importantly, I know that my future is safe with his steady hand on the tiller and therefore I can't recommend him highly enough

FIn Goulding

Hugh Murray

Hugh Murray

Hugh runs Dolmen Recruitment Partners, a successful financial services executive search and recruitment firm based in Dublin. When we initially met, Hugh was unsure of what steps to take to ensure his financial future. He was looking for help to figure out various aspects of his financial life, and that of his business. We have worked in close partnership to develop a clear road-map for Hugh. This is the strategy which we now work towards and which we will monitor and review together to ensure it delivers the results he seeks for his business and his family.

In Hugh's words:

I had been looking for someone that I knew I could trust to steer me in the right direction. I can say with all honesty that I trust Paddy Delaney with my business, my family and my own financial future. He has cut my pension fees by over 60% and has given me a clear vision of how I can best protect everything that is important to me for the rest of my life.

Dolmen Recruitment Success Story

I like the fact that Paddy operates in a truly independent and non-conflicted way. That combined with his expertise and experience gives me confidence in what we are doing together. I enjoy our regular meetings and look forward to working with Paddy into the future, and value his guidance in avoiding future financial pit-falls.

Hugh Murray

Barry Kerrigan
Director – Kerrigan Craft Butchers

Barry Kerrigan

Barry is co-owner of Kerrigans Award-Winning Craft Butchers . Kerrigan’s butchers been in business 45 years and have 3 successful retail stores across Dublin. They have established themselves as one of the premium providers of meat and fitness products in Ireland.

When Barry got in contact with us he was seeking guidance on his business and retirement planning. Once we met we knew we were a good fit to work with him. Following the creation of a detailed MasterPlan we then implemented some new structures to help Barry achieve his financial goals, from business and personal perspective. As part of our on-going service we guide and advise as things change for him and his business.

In Barry's words:

Having been with one of the large companies for a number of years I was unhappy with the service and advice I was receiving. I started doing some research online and found Paddy, and Informed Decisions.

Having done some research, listened to the podcasts and noticed he was picking up awards I decided to set up a meeting. From the initial meeting to now being an on-going client I've been very impressed by his knowledge and the advice I have received. I now feel I'm on the right path to a successful retirement plan and have someone looking out for me.

Barry Kerrigan

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