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Clients come to us because of our independence, skills and our values. We work with people who value what we do and how we do it. The relationships we have with clients are mutually beneficial and cherished. We are deliberate in working with a select number of valued clients. Below is a sense of the service you receive when we work together.

Annual Planning Meeting With Your Adviser Including
  • Re-evaluation of your goals, objectives and drivers
  • Full update on your life over the previous 12 months
  • Complete review of your Financial Forecast
  • Adjustments to your portfolio to ensure integrity & alignment with your long-term goals
  • Rebalancing of portfolio back to agreed investment strategy
Unlimited Telephone & Email Access To Your Adviser
The Professionals Service
  • Providing strategic & financial updates to your account & any other professional advisers
  • Supplying end of year taxation informations (as required)
  • Recommending suitable professionals as needs arise
  • Communicating clearly & openly with all of your professional advisers, to ensure consistency, clarity & focus on your desired outcomes
The Portfolio Construction Service
  • Construction of portfolios based on scientific, academically proven methodology
  • Risk profiles reviewed at key life events (e.g. retirement, inheritance etc.)
  • Access to institutional funds normally not available to individual investors
The Portfolio Management Service
  • Online access to portfolio valuations
  • Portfolio monitoring
  • Annual re-balancing of portfolio to agreed financial plan investment strategy
  • Written portfolio valuations on request
The “Remove The Hassle and Stress” Service
  • Taking the complexity & hassle out of administering your financial affairs
  • Helping to purge you of the endless paperwork each year
  • A voice of reason to help you keep your head when all around you are losing theirs
  • Empowering you to see through the relentless “financial pornography”
The Taxation and Planning Service
  • In conjunction with your accountant & other taxation advisers

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Informed Decisions Master Plan

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