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Paddy Delaney
latest Podcast

From The Marines to Professor of Financial Planning #301

24th June 2024

For this week’s podcast we welcome a fantastic guest, Chet Bennetts. A professor of Financial Planning with a wonderful story...

23rd September 2016

Podcast #5: An Easy & Pleasant Intro to Pensions!

Hi All, Colm McCarthy (our esteemed Irish Economist) recently said “retirees don’t eat equities and bonds for their breakfast, they...

16th September 2016

Podcast #4: Personal Finance Budgets…..the joys!

Many of us deal with budgets in a work environment, everything revolves around budgets. Yet for many the thoughts of...

10th September 2016

Podcast #3: Emergency Funding (with our Guest Co-Host!)- Live on iTunes!!!

For many of us establishing an Emergency Fund may seem like an unnecessary hassle, or indeed an impossible mountain to...

31st August 2016

Podcast #2: 6 Key Tips To Get You Started

Hello again and welcome to Episode 2, another milestone! Many folk think that Financial Planners and Advisors have all the...

2nd August 2016

Podcast #1: An Introduction!

Hi! What a day for Informed Decisions, and all the fans of Personal Finance in Ireland and beyond! This is...

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