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The impact of inflation on €500k since 2021 (& a few other Nuggets!)…Blog253

11th June 2024

Hi, This Blog edition coincides with episode 300 over on the Informed Decisions Personal Finance Podcast, and so doing something...

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26th August 2019

What Fees Are On My ARF Pension? Blog121

What ARF fees am I paying via my ARF Pension? And what impact do these ARF charges have? I hope...

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18th February 2019

Blog101: Are Irish Pensions A Waste Of Your Time & Money…..

The title of this piece may seem overly alarmist, however it is my firm belief that most Irish Pensions that...

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13th February 2019

How To Invest An Inheritance? Blog 100

‘What should I do with an inheritance’ or ‘How to invest an inheritance’ are questions we might never hope to...

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4th February 2019

Annual Declines Of -13.9%….Blog 99

Welcome back to the new home of Personal Finance in Ireland, where we share insights which we hope help you...

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7th January 2019

Best Ways To Get Independent Financial Advice In Ireland? Blog 96

Who really offers truly Independent Financial Advice in Ireland? Central Bank of Ireland are changing the rules, and I hope...

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11th November 2018

ARF Investment Risks. Sequence Risk. Blog 90

ARF investment risks are alive and well, and sequence risk is the single deadliest ARF-killer! We are not talking about...

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30th July 2018

Blog81: Can A Couple Retire With €1m Pension Pot?

As a young boy growing up in the 80’s, a million euros or pounds as it was then, always sounded...

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7th August 2017

How ETFs Are Taxed Vs Shares & Retail Products – Blog 42

How are ETFs Taxed? This week we follow-up on our promise to share with you how investments and ETFs are...

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10th July 2017

Blog #38- Noah’s ARF…..The Biblical Retirement Fund

Welcome to the episode which will hopefully finally banish any confusion about ARFs, or do I mean ARKs!?…… Apparently Noah’s...

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15th May 2017

Is It Profitable Being A Landlord??……..The Maths! Blog 33

Is it profitable being a landlord? Let’s see! Apparently 66% of the 70,000 ‘landlords’ in Ireland own 1 investment property....

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3rd April 2017

Blog #27- Do I Need Financial Advice?? Probably Not, You Just Need To Do This….

In this blog I am going to open the can on Financial Advice full stop! I am going to outline...

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