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Running a business AND prioritising your personal wealth isn’t as easy as it sounds. We know that. So we’ll help you maximise your money and get your business working for you, through tax-efficient planning, an exit strategy, or a sale.

You’ve already done the hard work in creating your wealth. We’ll guide you to growing and protecting it. You’ll have some significant financial planning decisions to make, and with our help, you’ll make the right choices that deliver strong results.

barry kerrigan

Barry is co-owner of Kerrigan’s Craft Butchers, who operate three successful and award-winning retail stores across Dublin.

Having been with one of the traditional advice companies for years, I wasn’t satisfied with the service and advice. From the initial meeting to now being an on-going client with Informed Decisions, I've been very impressed by the knowledge, service and advice I’ve received. I now feel I'm on the right path to a successful retirement plan and have someone looking out for me.

As Part of Your MasterPlan™ We Will Help You To:

Identify Your Financial Life Priorities

Explore what’s most important to you and understand the business and lifestyle you’re aiming for

Due-Diligence On Your Existing Arrangements

Get a well-informed second opinion on your current strategy and portfolios, analyse performance, fees and returns

Save You Time & Hassle

Simplify your arrangements, remove dead-wood, optimise your structures where needed, and save you time managing your financial decisions

Capitalise on Opportunities & Tax Benefits

Be better positioned to make the most of the opportunities that many of your peers miss

Develop A Clear Road-Map & Strategy

Be more confident about your financial future, and know precisely how to achieve the results you seek, with our on-going support

Use Optimum Portfolios

Implement the most cost-effective, proven and secure portfolios with the highest probability of success

Who I Best Serve


A self-employed consultant or business owner who’s accumulated €500,000+ in investment and pension assets


Retired, or planning to be within ten years, (our boutique services are tailored to people in your position)


Our relationship will be built on mutual respect as we guide you on all aspects of your financial lives


You’ve already achieved success. Trust us to take your achievements to the next level, on a transparent fee basis

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