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Are Irish Commercial Property Funds In Trouble? Podcast 166

3rd February 2020

Paddy Delaney

This week there have been two ‘big news’ revelations about Irish Commercial Property Funds, neither of which will be deemed positive. This media coverage has many thousands of investors very concerned and dare I say, anxious.

In a break from tradition, I am engaging in current market events, in the interest of helping ease some anxiety for investors. This week we share some ideas and experience which might be useful for anyone who has concerns about their investments in Irish Commercial Property Funds, whether through your pension or investments. I hope it helps.

Oh, so as to be totally clear, a couple of comments on where we stand on these funds.

Firstly, whatever about investing directly in bricks and mortar or via a clients’ pension structure, Commercial Property Funds are not something we engage with for our clients (partly due to the very things that are currently happening to investors in them)

Secondly, we have zero professional financial planning relationship with any of the companies that are getting the brunt of the media coverage this week. We are on the side of the investors on this one. This is a message aimed at giving some context for investors that are ‘in the eye of the storm’.

Paddy Delaney QFA RPA APA


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