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20 Investment Tips For Irish Investors To Navigate #280

20th November 2023

Paddy Delaney

I recently came across a wonderful infographic showing 20 mistakes that investors make, and which they should try to avoid. It reminded me that sometimes we in the investing world talk down to retail investors, many of whom are way smarter than those actually in the investment world!

It also reminded me of a parenting tip I got once. That was to always encourage a child to do something in a certain way, as opposed to telling them what not to do!

So, instead of saying ‘Don’t bloody drop that glass’, encourage them by asking them ‘show me how well and how carefully you can carry that glass over to the table’! The positive impact and chances of success are apparently far higher by doing the latter.

In an attempt to increase your chances of investment success, here are 20 things (yes, just 20!) that I encourage Irish investors to try and do with their long term investing.

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